*away from the studio*

Be back to work next week.

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*papillon press*

For this week’s wedding Thursday I’d like to introduce you to Chantal Bennett and Joel Kimmel owners and designers of Papillon Press {illustrated letterpress invitations and stationary}.  I met this soon to be married couple at the Wed by Hand wedding show in February.  My husband and I had a table across from theirs and we couldn’t help but notice their custom woodworked sign hanging from their table.  When I had a moment to spare I went over to see what they actually did.  Man, their work was beautiful!  So authentic and crisp.  Joel told me that they will soon have some bamboo paper available, so I took one of their business cards.  I was in the need of updated business cards and I wanted to work with them.  Chantal and I came up with the idea of a business exchange, some of my jewellery for some custom business cards. As time was approaching an event that I needed some cards, I decided that maybe I should change the order to jewellery hang tags instead.  I located a company in Canada that makes seed paper that when planted grows wildflowers.  This was Papillon Press’s first time with seed paper and it’s now something that can be offered to clients as invitations, birth announcements etc.

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*organic cupcakes*

Saturday was the LFO Tarts & Crafts sale that chelsy anne jewellery successfully participated in.  There were many great vendors at the show.  My husband supported four of them{to be blogged about later}.  One vendor in particular left the scene a couple of hours early because they sold out of product. Three hundred cupcakes to be exact.  Three Cheers Cupcakes is who I am talking about.  My husband is so funny about this situation with these two girls Dee & Kristin…

Here’s what happened;  Shaun noticed that there were cupcakes a few tables down from our set up so he was hungry for chocolate.  This is the first time I have ever seen him buy a cupcake {he was hungry!}.  As he was walking back to me he was literally freaking out about how this was the best chocolate cupcake he has ever had, and how it had chili in it to spice it up.  He wouldn’t stop, so I asked him if they now had gluten-free because every time I saw these girls at a show they never did.  This time was a YES!  So I went down to get my chocolate gluten-free and organic cupcake.  Wow, mine too was one of the best cupcakes I’d ever eaten.  So I was curious if they did weddings so I could grab a couple of business cards from them to add to my collection of reputable  vendors I walked down to ask.  They told me that they used to do weddings, but they don’t anymore **in fact** they are way to busy that they are only doing two more shows and then closing their business.  {WHAT?}  They are too busy so they are closing?  They could cut down on their day jobs, or sell their recipes, or open up shop and hire people. or just hire people to assist.  When I told my husband what they had said he couldn’t believe it.  he had to go back and ask them for himself.  He told them this “Look, I am a guy, I don’t care about cupcakes, I would never talk about cupcakes… to anyone.  But this was seriously the best fricken cupcake I’ve ever had. My wife told me you are closing your doors?  I can’t believe it…”

Seriously these organic cupcakes are so good, it’s making my husband and I crazy to think that these girls are closing.

You can contact Three Cheers Cupcakes by writing to ThreeCheersCupcakes@gmail.com and you can follow them on facebook here.  Maybe something magical will happen.


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*first kiss films*

This past February I participated in Ottawa’s first indie wedding show Wed by Hand.   In my opinion there were a few vendors that really stuck out in creativity and professionalism.  Bridget Redmond of {First Kiss Films} is one of them.  Since my husband and I never had a cinema documentation of our special day, we plan on doing so when we renew our vows on our 10th anniversary {5 more to go}.  In the meantime I may just have to hire her for a small documentary of a jewellery photo shoot.  Bridget’s work is beautiful with a classy vintage feel.  In her own voice here is what to expect from {First kiss Films}.
Nothing compares to the richness of film – classic, gorgeous and decidedly flattering.  { First Kiss Films } are shot entirely on the beautiful and timeless medium of 8mm and 16mm film stock, in either colour and/or black and white, using traditional cinematic techniques. Your final 5 – 15 minute film will deliver an experience that transports you back to all the emotions you experienced providing an artful and nostalgic retelling of your wedding day. Set entirely to carefully selected music, your wedding film will be an heirloom that you and your family will cherish for generations to come.
Lead filmmaker Bridget Redmond explains the filmmaking journey: “To ensure your wedding film reflects your personality and tells your unique story, I prefer to meet with the bride and groom at least twice before your big day in order to get to know you, your tastes and expectations. During multiple meetings we discuss your film, plan locations, talk about your specific requests and any ‘must have’ shots you would like in the final edit. Each film is unique and the more I know about you, your family and all your wedding day details the better I can create a film that captures your unique story. Once the film is shot it is processed, digitally transferred and edited. When the edit is complete, you’ll receive two finished copies beautifully presented in a stylish DVD package.”
Bridget knows how excited newlyweds can be to see their wedding film so       {First Kiss Films} are available within 45 days of your event instead of the 90 day standard.

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*{ECO} contest to WIN 2 free tickets to Toronto’s Clothing Show May 14-16th 2010*

You can *WIN 2 free tickets* to attend the Toronto Clothing Show on May 14-16th by simply adding a comment on why you would wear {ECO} jewellery.  The winner will be chosen and posted next Tuesday.

This will be the first time for chelsy anne jewellery to participate at the Clothing Show.  Please stop by our stylish & modern booth #700 with your reclaimed silver chain(s) to receive $5 off any chelsy anne piece of jewellery at the show.

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*live love plan*

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down for tea with wedding coordinator Allison Turner from live love plan.  Along with Allison’s  warm & bubbly personality she has an amazing approach to weddings.  Many of you like myself have had small weddings with your own DIY approach, and I am sure many of you wish that at least at one point of the event you had someone there with you guiding you in some way.  I did everything myself, and it was tough!  Allison can be there for you as much or as little as you need her.   In retro spec I wish I had met her 6 years ago to assist my husband and I with our 41 guest wedding.  In {her own voice} here is exactly what to expect when working together;

Plan your Wedding with Allison Turner, live love plan.
Enjoy the Planning Process which includes the following services:
• Complimentary consultation
• Receive your own Live Love Planner
• Site visit of both ceremony and reception venues
• A face-to-face consultation offering direction and creative ideas for your Wedding (i.e. theme development, décor, etiquette, etc.)
• Three subsequent consultations at 3 months, 6 weeks and 1 week before your Wedding to discuss timeline development and implementation of your Wedding day vision
• Unlimited consultation via phone or email during the planning months
• Vendor recommendations
• Detailed Wedding day timeline
• Final vendor confirmation of services, delivery and outstanding balances
• Distribution of approved timeline to vendors, wedding party and family the week of the wedding
• Rehearsal coordination and instruction
• Distribute hard copies of final wedding timeline to friends and family at rehearsal
• Collection of décor items brought to rehearsal that are to be set up on Wedding day such as guest book, seating plan, photographs etc.
My fresh approach to Wedding Day coordination will give you the peace of mind to enjoy every moment of
your special day:
• Provide you, your fiancé, parents and the Wedding party the attention and service needed while preparing for your Big Day
• Receive all deliveries, greet and supervise all vendors as they load in and set up, etc.
• Distribute hard copies of your complete Wedding Day Timeline to all vendors
• Oversee proper set-up and design of ceremony and reception areas
• Ensure proper placement of all decor items as per your exact instruction
• Provide your guests with directions to the ceremony and reception areas at the appropriate times and answer any questions and concerns graciously throughout the day
• Round up, line up and cue the Wedding Party when it’s time to walk down the aisle, making sure they all look their best
• Let you both know when it’s time to walk down the aisle, make sure you are ready for the big moment
• Ensure all ceremony musicians have appropriate seating and the correct musical selections for guests arrival, family seating, as well as processional and recessional
• Assist the Photographer in gathering your Wedding Party and family members for pictures
• Provide an Assistant Day of Wedding Day Coordinator for the duration of the ceremony and photo shoot (if necessary)
• Have your favourite cocktails and hors d’oeuvres served to you by catering staff during your photography session
• Oversee that all décor items from ceremony which will be reused at reception in the appropriate places
• A watchful eye over the atmosphere and general comfort of your room ensuring aspects such as candles are lit and remain lit throughout the entire reception
• Keeping you informed so that you are never caught off guard
• Assist the DJ / MC in guiding guests through the day and on to the next scheduled event
• Organize the Grand Entrance
• Make certain that dietary needs and requests of guests such as allergies, vegetarian and vegan requests are correctly followed
• Communicate with the chef, banquet captain and catering staff to ensure superb, timely dinner service
• Efficiently handle any emergencies or unexpected occurrences
• Carry an essential Wedding day Emergency Kit
• Guide you through your day and keep things running on schedule
• Distribute final balances and gratuities to the vendors on your behalf
• Collect wedding gifts/envelopes then safely deliver to designated person, room or car
• Offer a calm, steady voice to everyone involved
• Provide peace of mind knowing that months of your hard work and planning is being handled so you enjoy your day
• Comic relief when the people you love are driving you a little crazy!

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*tarts & crafts {upcoming show}*

Bring your old silver chain to chelsy anne and receive a discount of $5 off any piece of jewellery. Limit 6 per person.  Can’t make it to the show?  Follow this link to find out how you can still trade in your silver chains for $5 discounts on chelsy anne jewellery.

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*recycle your jewellery with {chelsy anne}*

New program to chelsy anne jewellery… RECYCLE YOUR JEWELLERY!  There are two ways to do so.  {rework} and {trade in} you can find more information here.

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*post sangria networking event for wedding professionals*

So I wasn’t sure what to expect last night as this was my first networking event in the industry.  This was my second time having exposure in the wedding field and I am once again inspired to host an event with my new partner in creativity Erin Carmicheal designer/owner of full bloom floral design.  

Erin has an amazing eco-friendly approach to her work, here is a snip from her website describing the details in her own words…

Full Bloom Floral Design focuses on special events and weddings with an eco approach by using local Ontario product and recycled materials when we can. We are also happy to offer suggestions on how to make your event a green one.
The Eternal Tree
When using us for your wedding florals, Full Bloom has created The Eternal Tree in an effort to pay it back to the environment and to decrease our carbon footprint. Following your wedding we will plant a tree seedling in your honor to symbolize the eternal love and strength of your marriage. Via email, you will receive a photo and a map to where your tree is located so you are able to visit your Eternal Tree and watch it grow along with your marriage.
Reduce – Reuse – Recycle
We realize the power that flowers have and feel they can bring cheer to those who need it most. In lieu of guest favors, tell your guests that the flowers from your event will be donated to brighten someone’s day. Once your event is over, we will arrange for the flowers from your event to be sent with a personalized card in your honor to the organization of your choice.


Last night we both had that creative buzz starting for our event planned for early 2011.  All I am going to say is that there is so much to be seen that has not been seen as of yet…


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*earth day*

To me, spring is when everything gets a second chance at a new beginning.  That is why I think it’s my favorite time of year, my fresh start at something that could have gotten dull over the winter.  This Earth day is extra special because it now involves my daughter Riley.  I plan on teaching her how to plant some flowers for the butterflies.

For myself, I have come up with a manageable list of things I will improve on to be more sustainable.

* take an organic vegetable gardening course so I can grow my own crops in the backyard {just started on Sunday}

*buy 1 or 2 cortland apple trees to enjoy in our yard

*air dry our laundry {started yesterday, so many socks!}

*hang some dried eucalyptus in the shower to freshen and clean the stuffy bathroom air

*stock both freezers so they are full {with ice if not food} to save on total energy needed to keep items cold

*stop buying paper napkins and be really conscience about using cloth instead

*bubble baths to be replaced with oatmeal, salt, tea or natural healing oil baths

These are all very easy to do on top of everything else that comes as second nature.  Plus our community is receiving brown bins for our compost this May so I am really excited about that.

In the meantime check out some of my favorite sustainable books; Ecoholic , Ecoholic Home , the Urban Homestead , and for the fashionista Style Naturally: The savvy shopping guide to sustainable fashion.

See you back here on Thursday for an update on how the Sangria night for wedding professionals went.

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*stay in the know*

New update for this site, as of  April 20th I will be launching a regular spot for Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The focus for Tuesdays will be {eco} anything from hotels, fashion, design and home could fall under this category.  Thursdays will be focused on {weddings} anything from vendors, location, inspiration and chelsy anne jewellery could fall under this category. Now that there is more of a consistency in my work and family life I will now be able to commit to this blog and you the readers.  Enjoy the new posts to follow.

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*New website launch*

So this is the big launch week of chelsy anne dot com shop.  I have been slowly getting ready for this day.  Not all products are up yet, but it is looking great.  Special thanks to my dear friend Helena Achia for helping me put this together.  Stay tuned for the viewing.

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*Funnest Christmas Ever!!!*

I was able to make a Kawaii themed wish list in Etsy’s treasury yesturday. I love this stuff.  Now that my daughter is going on 18 months, it’s pretty cute watching how she plays. I’ve bought her the kitty crayons and the fun plate for Christmas…The rest is up to you to buy for her. Haha.






dolittledesign.etsy 2







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*poppy talk*

So where have you been all this time, you must be thinking.  It has been quite some time since I wrote about other artists or about my own creations.  The last month my husband has been away for work and I have been struggling with my 1 year daughter just trying to keep the house clean.  I haven’t had much time to work on jewellery but I have been starting a new collection that is more spiritually focused.  It will be launching soon…  As well I have a shop on Poppy Talk and I will be introducing some eco-friendly mixed media next month for their *Home Sweet Home* edition.


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*steel amusement*

Time was finally on my side today to create a treasury showcase on Etsy.  After many attempts it is finally here.  These are the amazing finds selected in my treasury.













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* it’s ETSY DAY*

Time to celebrate, spread the word and…SHOP.  To all my fellow Canadians I ‘m offering free shipping to anywhere in Canada, all other countries your second item(s) will have free shipping.  Help me spread the word about iheartchelsyanne, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter just look up that exact spelling…and please tell all your friends ^_^3423438941_75983b84e51

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*rockin rings*

They are here and here to stay…yes, rings I say!




All available at my shop http://iheartchelsyanne.etsy.com

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*home studio*

A few weeks ago I was in a major crunch to complete my home studio, as I was a featured Artist on a tv show called Ottawa Living, on Rogers cable 22.  They came to my house to film, so my home studio had to be camera worthy!  This is how it turned out…





In the future I will try to post the tv spot, but until then you can check out my etsy shop, http://iheartchelsyanne.etsy.com


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*shop makeover*


New banner, new images, but most important new items!  iheartchelsyanne on Etsy.




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the *Solid Series*

Now introducing the *Solid Series* chunky sleek two-way necklace.

A fashionable and convertable necklace that may be worn as a chunky chocker by feeding the snake chain through the silver hoop and attaching the clasp at the opposite end of stones. Or by simply attaching the clasp of the snake chain to the silver hoop, making the necklace long and sleek.

The *Solid Series* will always consit of an 18″ silver snake chain, an assortment of chunky semi-precious stones and the organic silver hoop.






My new collection is available here

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*Barbie turns 50*


Twenty years ago my sister and I would make our Barbies fight over who got to date Ken, not intentionally, that’s just how we ended up playing.  I preffered my Mom’s vintage Barbies over my own, only because I chopped all their hair short and put Vaseline in it  to act as a styling product.  Sorry Mom, I know you loved those dolls…but you knew how I played so you must have known they would never stay in the same condition as they were when you gave them to me.

So on March 9th is the official celebration, hard to beleive the years have gone by so fast.  I wonder if my daughter will ever have interest in Barbie, or any glamour doll that is.  Only time will tell. 




Jewellery by Margaux Lange, and greeting cards by Hey Saylor.

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*getting cozy with my lover…*

It’s been a sunny and enjoyable weekend, and now I’m looking forward to comfy and cozy time with my husband before the work week starts up again.  These etsy finds are what I would love to be wearing during this sweet quiet time together… Top by fishermans daughter, leggings by bobelly and sleep set by sand maiden.




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*creative pisceans should stick together…*

I’ve always loved the works of Austalian graphic designer Bec Winnel, aka My Charlie Girl.  As it turns out we share the same birthday.  Here is my all time favorite graphite illustration of hers, *Gisele*.


You can find her illustrations on etsy.

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*on the same tone…*

I’m looking forward to the spring so I can take my baby girl to see the ocean.  I feel so complete and at peace with everything when I’m sitting by the water.  Could be because I’m a pisces, could be because of the salty breeze, or it could be because of the tranquility of the tiny waves rumbling over pebbles that makes me feel the way I do.  It will always be a mystery I love exploring.  Here is another photographer, Matt for she hit pause studios featured on etsy.  He does polariod transfers.  Such a retro and magical feel to these.




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*images for a dreamy piscean…*

There are soo many amazing photographers who sell their work on etsy.  This is just one artist to start off with, Jacqleen Bleu.




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*Daddy, this one is for my rose…*

Every Birthday since I could remember my dad has always given my sister and I one single rose.  It’s so special, at it’s always something that I look forward to.  Fushia and white are my favorite to receive.

Since I love arranging flowers, this vase would act as a great focal point for an all white arrangement.



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*if I could wear anything on my birthday…this is it*

Only a couple of weeks away.  I can smell the pages in this new chapter in my life.  So crisp and new, I can hardly wait to read them. But  patience is one of my gifts.  So things will happen when they do.


Imagine how wonderful life would be if I could start the thirties off in a dress like this…Well  honestly my husband and my daughter make my life quite wonderful, the dress would just be nice.

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*now featured in a brick & mortar store*

So the time has come…I’ve left my little creations in some other hands. The thought is exciting and scary all at once. 

I think it’s amazing that when people go to the boutique they can see it right in their face, opposed to searching endlessly on Etsy to find one of my items.  Don’t get me wrong I freakn’ love Etsy!!!  I just wanted to try something different. So wish me luck in this new chapter.


located at 242 1/2 Dalhousie street downtown Ottawa

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*soundtrack for looove*

This made me smile…  I’m sure you will too.


Rabbit Love greeting card by *Scotia Made * available on Etsy.

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*this Valentines day show your sexy side*

bow breifs by gp lingerie

*bow breifs by gp lingerie *

little miss clitoris by grab something naked

*little miss clitoris by grab something naked *

panties with glitter by majo rey store

*panties with glitter by majo rey store *

Sweet and innocent panties look cute on you and cuter hanging off your bed post. All available on Etsy.

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*count down to thiry*

March 11 is the day…the day I will wake and look into my husband’s sleeping face and wonder where these last nine years together have gone.  The day I kiss my daughters feet and realize I have been doing this for nine months.  The day I receive phone calls from loved ones wishing me a very happy celebration.  The day I unwrap a parcel of creative inspiration.  The day the birthday cake will be gluten free.  The day I make a wish that will undoubtfully come true.  The day I look in the mirror and I am proud of who I see.  The day I thank the lucky stars for all that is me.  Thirty, what a wonderful place to be.


*Thirty* print by food chicon Etsy.

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*the holidays took me somewhere in dreamland*

Wow, so it’s looks as though I have been busy with my beautiful little family this past month…

I’ve been making new mini collections of jewellery, using bamboo, shell and various semi precious stones.  Some are already posted on Etsy and some are going up in a couple of days or so.  I also launched the bridal collection *blush by chelsy anne*.  There is more good news to come, you just need to patient…2009 is going to be a great one full of endless creativity for your little hearts to soak up.




These are just two of the *tie the knot* collection.  If you know someone who is getting married, please send her my way…wink.

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*I want… for Christmas*

deer baby king from the runny bunny

My husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas, but he said nothing from Etsy because I’m home during the day and I’ll want to open it as soon as it arrives. He told me to write a list, and this is what I wrote;

  • deer baby king by the runny bunny, on Etsy
  • large and chunky amazonite ring size 6   
  • smoky glass 1/4″ thick to cover the dinning room table
  • 8 sheep skins to cover the dinning chairs
  • paint for dinning room
  • new window treatment for the tea room
  • back splash in the kitchen
  • green frosted glass inserts for the two cut-outs in the wall
  • new bedroom furniture
  • new window treatment for the bedroom
  • paint and plants for bedroom
  • Audrey Kawasaki tattoo


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*10 reasons to love Brooklyn artists*

I don’t know what it is about Brooklyn culture but man does it get me excited. Here is some work that can be found on Etsy.

Photo montage entitled *ambient* by artist Poof NY
Photo montage entitled *ambient* by artist Poof NY
*chunky-n-cozy* cowl neckwarmwer by creative duo Spratters and Jayne
*chunky-n-cozy* cowl neckwarmwer by creative duo Spratters and Jayne
Retake on take-out, *classic din-din* dinner ware by Lorena Barrezuetae
Retake on take-out, *classic din-din* dinner ware by Lorena Barrezueta
sculptural ring *cliff hanger* featured in Brooklyn rehab
sculptural ring *cliff hanger* featured in Brooklyn rehab
wrapped ring entitled *OR1* is made by jeweller Oblik Atelier
wrapped ring entitled *OR1* is made by jeweller Oblik Atelier
rusty image *more light* lamp shade by artist Resurface
rusty image *more light* lamp shade by artist Resurface
stoneware dinner plate in lime entitled *mimi* by May Luke
stoneware dinner plate in lime entitled *mimi* by May Luk
NYC themed milk bottle set from the *antique replica bottle series* by Alyssa Ettinger
NYC themed milk bottle set from the *antique replica bottle series* by Alyssa Ettingerhand printed *one of a kind* dress by Better Than Jam
hand printed *one of a kind* dress by Better Than Jam
                                               tote in deep purple entitled *turtle* by Jacbs Eye
                    tote in deep purple entitled *turtle* by Jacobs Eye


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*in the mix*


These should compliment the previous additions. http://iheartchelsyanne.etsy.com

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*just a few new items to catch your eye*


As before, you can find these on Etsy. Enjoy.

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*here they are*


So they made it safely from the UK. Just touching them makes me excited. Moo does good work! Check out their stickers and post cards, pretty cool.

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You can now find me on facebook too. Simply do a search for I heart chelsy anne. Done.

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*omg omg omg yayaya my shop is open*

Check it out, check it check it out!!! http://iheartchelsyanne.etsy.com


Yeah that’s right.

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*the waiting game*

I feel like I did the week before Riley was born.  My life is about to change again and all I feel like I can  do is wait…I’m launching a boutique full of wonderful handcrafted jewellery on Etsy. The jewellery is made, everything is set except I don’t want to open shop until I have my business cards. Sure it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to me it is! I don’t feel comfortable knowing that I had one customer who had something less than the next. I want to achieve a good rep from the start, and I want to be remembered from the start. This so called small business is very serious to me as I will not be returning to my full time job doing visual display (playing with mannequins and props) when my maternity leave is up at the end of March. Pretty scary and exciting knowing that everything I do will effect my own outcome. I set the rules and the pace. There is a chance that the shop won’t be up in time for international Christmas orders but I’m not worried because there are birthdays and other holidays that follow. But people should just be a fan ofchelsy anne regardless…lol I’m starting to feel like a broken record when I talk to other Etsy members…still waiting for my business cards, can’t open shop until I get my business cards… Watch the order go wrong. Now I’m starting to feel a little anxious. HELP. Here is a sneak peak…enjoy and please be patient!0000

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*help me get a new bedroom*


As you can see, my bedroom is pretty blah…Since our baby has been born I haven’t found the time to make the bed, or put laundry away:S  The art work has changed as well as the bedding, but does it really matter right now that the bed is never made. What I want to do is flip the bed to the opposite wall, turn this wall into a row of dressers, paint the walls, change the exhisting white curtains to woven shade with a colour accent fabric on top. Have some hanging plants infront of the very large window. I’ve been wanting to change this for awhile now, Christmas just seems right! Check out design sponge where I found some inspiration, I love the surfer clock!!!

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*six unconventional things about me*

I was tagged by my girl Andrea to add my six to the equation…

*one* I will never be able to take a yoga class because I’m too self conscious of accidentally letting out some gas.

*two* Listening to people breath loud irritates me.

*three* Every now and again I have to flex my middle fingers.

*four* I strongly believe that if I were to curse when a dragon fly was near, that he would come and sew my mouth shut.

*five* I’ll grow my finger nails until one breaks…currently at 1/4″ past the skin.

*six* Sadly, I have a hypersensitivity to cold dampness. When the climate strikes, I break out in hives.

I wil pass this on to neawear, a popular jeweller in Montreal.

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*I love this sooo much*


I know that I should be starting my Christmas shopping, I’ve been looking through Etsy for perfect gifts for my sisters and parents and I came across this print *see legs by boopsie daisy* that is going to look o-some in my home office! Maybe I’ll wrap it up and put it under the tree, and I’ll say that my baby daughter gave it to me…yeah that’s what I’ll do. Thanks Riley girl, Mommy loves you! xox

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*twice as much*

So as I’ve been making my jewellery, I’ve started designing as few collections at once, mostly due to the stone selections.  In this process I have officially decided and launched a sister brand, *blush by chelsy anne*.  This is all wedding jewellery and accessories. It wasn’t planned, but I think it’s definitely the right decision! Both my little boutiques will be on Etsy.  Not yet, please be patient! I’m still in the process of packaging and branding.  Soon my lovelies, soon!


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*shopping is for the research…really*

In preparation to sell on etsy, I have made some recent purchases in different genres to see how professional people are with their shop. So far I have received two items in the mail. I could tell immediately by the packaging who took their work seriously and who does this on the side.

Here are only some of the items I have purchased.

*pell mell press*

*made by hank*

*nea wear*


note: I still have more research to do…much more!

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