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*in the mix*


These should compliment the previous additions.

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*just a few new items to catch your eye*


As before, you can find these on Etsy. Enjoy.

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*here they are*


So they made it safely from the UK. Just touching them makes me excited. Moo does good work! Check out their stickers and post cards, pretty cool.

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You can now find me on facebook too. Simply do a search for I heart chelsy anne. Done.

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*omg omg omg yayaya my shop is open*

Check it out, check it check it out!!!


Yeah that’s right.

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*the waiting game*

I feel like I did the week before Riley was born.  My life is about to change again and all I feel like I can  do is wait…I’m launching a boutique full of wonderful handcrafted jewellery on Etsy. The jewellery is made, everything is set except I don’t want to open shop until I have my business cards. Sure it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to me it is! I don’t feel comfortable knowing that I had one customer who had something less than the next. I want to achieve a good rep from the start, and I want to be remembered from the start. This so called small business is very serious to me as I will not be returning to my full time job doing visual display (playing with mannequins and props) when my maternity leave is up at the end of March. Pretty scary and exciting knowing that everything I do will effect my own outcome. I set the rules and the pace. There is a chance that the shop won’t be up in time for international Christmas orders but I’m not worried because there are birthdays and other holidays that follow. But people should just be a fan ofchelsy anne regardless…lol I’m starting to feel like a broken record when I talk to other Etsy members…still waiting for my business cards, can’t open shop until I get my business cards… Watch the order go wrong. Now I’m starting to feel a little anxious. HELP. Here is a sneak peak…enjoy and please be patient!0000

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*help me get a new bedroom*


As you can see, my bedroom is pretty blah…Since our baby has been born I haven’t found the time to make the bed, or put laundry away:S  The art work has changed as well as the bedding, but does it really matter right now that the bed is never made. What I want to do is flip the bed to the opposite wall, turn this wall into a row of dressers, paint the walls, change the exhisting white curtains to woven shade with a colour accent fabric on top. Have some hanging plants infront of the very large window. I’ve been wanting to change this for awhile now, Christmas just seems right! Check out design sponge where I found some inspiration, I love the surfer clock!!!

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*six unconventional things about me*

I was tagged by my girl Andrea to add my six to the equation…

*one* I will never be able to take a yoga class because I’m too self conscious of accidentally letting out some gas.

*two* Listening to people breath loud irritates me.

*three* Every now and again I have to flex my middle fingers.

*four* I strongly believe that if I were to curse when a dragon fly was near, that he would come and sew my mouth shut.

*five* I’ll grow my finger nails until one breaks…currently at 1/4″ past the skin.

*six* Sadly, I have a hypersensitivity to cold dampness. When the climate strikes, I break out in hives.

I wil pass this on to neawear, a popular jeweller in Montreal.

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*I love this sooo much*


I know that I should be starting my Christmas shopping, I’ve been looking through Etsy for perfect gifts for my sisters and parents and I came across this print *see legs by boopsie daisy* that is going to look o-some in my home office! Maybe I’ll wrap it up and put it under the tree, and I’ll say that my baby daughter gave it to me…yeah that’s what I’ll do. Thanks Riley girl, Mommy loves you! xox

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*twice as much*

So as I’ve been making my jewellery, I’ve started designing as few collections at once, mostly due to the stone selections.  In this process I have officially decided and launched a sister brand, *blush by chelsy anne*.  This is all wedding jewellery and accessories. It wasn’t planned, but I think it’s definitely the right decision! Both my little boutiques will be on Etsy.  Not yet, please be patient! I’m still in the process of packaging and branding.  Soon my lovelies, soon!


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