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*soundtrack for looove*

This made me smile…  I’m sure you will too.


Rabbit Love greeting card by *Scotia Made * available on Etsy.

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*this Valentines day show your sexy side*

bow breifs by gp lingerie

*bow breifs by gp lingerie *

little miss clitoris by grab something naked

*little miss clitoris by grab something naked *

panties with glitter by majo rey store

*panties with glitter by majo rey store *

Sweet and innocent panties look cute on you and cuter hanging off your bed post. All available on Etsy.

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*count down to thiry*

March 11 is the day…the day I will wake and look into my husband’s sleeping face and wonder where these last nine years together have gone.  The day I kiss my daughters feet and realize I have been doing this for nine months.  The day I receive phone calls from loved ones wishing me a very happy celebration.  The day I unwrap a parcel of creative inspiration.  The day the birthday cake will be gluten free.  The day I make a wish that will undoubtfully come true.  The day I look in the mirror and I am proud of who I see.  The day I thank the lucky stars for all that is me.  Thirty, what a wonderful place to be.


*Thirty* print by food chicon Etsy.

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*the holidays took me somewhere in dreamland*

Wow, so it’s looks as though I have been busy with my beautiful little family this past month…

I’ve been making new mini collections of jewellery, using bamboo, shell and various semi precious stones.  Some are already posted on Etsy and some are going up in a couple of days or so.  I also launched the bridal collection *blush by chelsy anne*.  There is more good news to come, you just need to patient…2009 is going to be a great one full of endless creativity for your little hearts to soak up.




These are just two of the *tie the knot* collection.  If you know someone who is getting married, please send her my way…wink.

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