*earth day*

To me, spring is when everything gets a second chance at a new beginning.  That is why I think it’s my favorite time of year, my fresh start at something that could have gotten dull over the winter.  This Earth day is extra special because it now involves my daughter Riley.  I plan on teaching her how to plant some flowers for the butterflies.

For myself, I have come up with a manageable list of things I will improve on to be more sustainable.

* take an organic vegetable gardening course so I can grow my own crops in the backyard {just started on Sunday}

*buy 1 or 2 cortland apple trees to enjoy in our yard

*air dry our laundry {started yesterday, so many socks!}

*hang some dried eucalyptus in the shower to freshen and clean the stuffy bathroom air

*stock both freezers so they are full {with ice if not food} to save on total energy needed to keep items cold

*stop buying paper napkins and be really conscience about using cloth instead

*bubble baths to be replaced with oatmeal, salt, tea or natural healing oil baths

These are all very easy to do on top of everything else that comes as second nature.  Plus our community is receiving brown bins for our compost this May so I am really excited about that.

In the meantime check out some of my favorite sustainable books; Ecoholic , Ecoholic Home , the Urban Homestead , and for the fashionista Style Naturally: The savvy shopping guide to sustainable fashion.

See you back here on Thursday for an update on how the Sangria night for wedding professionals went.


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  1. Jodie

    YAY For you and your fam! The course is going to be so fun and informative! I can’t wait to get more veg going and have the kiddos help! …nothing like going out to the garden to pick fresh for din!
    Apparently we’re not allowed clothes lines, but my dry racks are just fine… as long as the dog doesnt knock them over and make more laundry for me! haha
    We just got a massive organic meat order and it filled our chest freezer, fridge freezer.. AND Pat’s dad’s chest freezer!!!! Holy mama!! want some protein???
    Mmmm love the bath idea.. must try! 🙂 We have great natural products at work I can bring for you to try..
    You’re SO great Chels! I’m glad we’re being ECO friendly together. 🙂

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