*About the artist*

The paths that led me to dreaming in jewellery  include photography, graphic design, interior design and bridal consulting.

Like most creative spirits I find it hard to stay focused on one idea at a time. The last couple of months before my daughter was born I became crazy obsessed with the landscaping of our home as well as making sure her bedroom was as modern as my budget would allow. Note that I didn’t know the sex of the baby at the time, so it had to be neutral.

Now that I’m home with her I want to be able to create a business where I can stay at home.  Jewellery design has been dancing in my daydreams for a couple of years now…So I think it’s time to put thoughts into product.

Almost complete landscaping...Here with my Riley girl.


Almost complete landscaping…Here with my Riley girl.

3 responses to “*About the artist*

  1. I love your creativity and how close to the earth you are. You have a special soul in addition to your creative one, and it’s coming through in your jewellery. I see many great things coming your way Chels!

  2. Jennifer Roberts

    It’s funny how things just fall into place when you need them to….I have been thinking about being more creative in the way I market my massage therapy business and need someone like you to help me out. Also it will be the perfect excuse to reconnect:) Let me know if you have any time this week either Wednesday morning or Thursday evening to dicuss ideas.


  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

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