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*Barbie turns 50*


Twenty years ago my sister and I would make our Barbies fight over who got to date Ken, not intentionally, that’s just how we ended up playing.  I preffered my Mom’s vintage Barbies over my own, only because I chopped all their hair short and put Vaseline in it  to act as a styling product.  Sorry Mom, I know you loved those dolls…but you knew how I played so you must have known they would never stay in the same condition as they were when you gave them to me.

So on March 9th is the official celebration, hard to beleive the years have gone by so fast.  I wonder if my daughter will ever have interest in Barbie, or any glamour doll that is.  Only time will tell. 




Jewellery by Margaux Lange, and greeting cards by Hey Saylor.


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*getting cozy with my lover…*

It’s been a sunny and enjoyable weekend, and now I’m looking forward to comfy and cozy time with my husband before the work week starts up again.  These etsy finds are what I would love to be wearing during this sweet quiet time together… Top by fishermans daughter, leggings by bobelly and sleep set by sand maiden.




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*creative pisceans should stick together…*

I’ve always loved the works of Austalian graphic designer Bec Winnel, aka My Charlie Girl.  As it turns out we share the same birthday.  Here is my all time favorite graphite illustration of hers, *Gisele*.


You can find her illustrations on etsy.

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*on the same tone…*

I’m looking forward to the spring so I can take my baby girl to see the ocean.  I feel so complete and at peace with everything when I’m sitting by the water.  Could be because I’m a pisces, could be because of the salty breeze, or it could be because of the tranquility of the tiny waves rumbling over pebbles that makes me feel the way I do.  It will always be a mystery I love exploring.  Here is another photographer, Matt for she hit pause studios featured on etsy.  He does polariod transfers.  Such a retro and magical feel to these.




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*images for a dreamy piscean…*

There are soo many amazing photographers who sell their work on etsy.  This is just one artist to start off with, Jacqleen Bleu.




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*Daddy, this one is for my rose…*

Every Birthday since I could remember my dad has always given my sister and I one single rose.  It’s so special, at it’s always something that I look forward to.  Fushia and white are my favorite to receive.

Since I love arranging flowers, this vase would act as a great focal point for an all white arrangement.



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*if I could wear anything on my birthday…this is it*

Only a couple of weeks away.  I can smell the pages in this new chapter in my life.  So crisp and new, I can hardly wait to read them. But  patience is one of my gifts.  So things will happen when they do.


Imagine how wonderful life would be if I could start the thirties off in a dress like this…Well  honestly my husband and my daughter make my life quite wonderful, the dress would just be nice.

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