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*Funnest Christmas Ever!!!*

I was able to make a Kawaii themed wish list in Etsy’s treasury yesturday. I love this stuff.  Now that my daughter is going on 18 months, it’s pretty cute watching how she plays. I’ve bought her the kitty crayons and the fun plate for Christmas…The rest is up to you to buy for her. Haha.






dolittledesign.etsy 2







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*I want… for Christmas*

deer baby king from the runny bunny

My husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas, but he said nothing from Etsy because I’m home during the day and I’ll want to open it as soon as it arrives. He told me to write a list, and this is what I wrote;

  • deer baby king by the runny bunny, on Etsy
  • large and chunky amazonite ring size 6   
  • smoky glass 1/4″ thick to cover the dinning room table
  • 8 sheep skins to cover the dinning chairs
  • paint for dinning room
  • new window treatment for the tea room
  • back splash in the kitchen
  • green frosted glass inserts for the two cut-outs in the wall
  • new bedroom furniture
  • new window treatment for the bedroom
  • paint and plants for bedroom
  • Audrey Kawasaki tattoo


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