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*organic cupcakes*

Saturday was the LFO Tarts & Crafts sale that chelsy anne jewellery successfully participated in.  There were many great vendors at the show.  My husband supported four of them{to be blogged about later}.  One vendor in particular left the scene a couple of hours early because they sold out of product. Three hundred cupcakes to be exact.  Three Cheers Cupcakes is who I am talking about.  My husband is so funny about this situation with these two girls Dee & Kristin…

Here’s what happened;  Shaun noticed that there were cupcakes a few tables down from our set up so he was hungry for chocolate.  This is the first time I have ever seen him buy a cupcake {he was hungry!}.  As he was walking back to me he was literally freaking out about how this was the best chocolate cupcake he has ever had, and how it had chili in it to spice it up.  He wouldn’t stop, so I asked him if they now had gluten-free because every time I saw these girls at a show they never did.  This time was a YES!  So I went down to get my chocolate gluten-free and organic cupcake.  Wow, mine too was one of the best cupcakes I’d ever eaten.  So I was curious if they did weddings so I could grab a couple of business cards from them to add to my collection of reputable  vendors I walked down to ask.  They told me that they used to do weddings, but they don’t anymore **in fact** they are way to busy that they are only doing two more shows and then closing their business.  {WHAT?}  They are too busy so they are closing?  They could cut down on their day jobs, or sell their recipes, or open up shop and hire people. or just hire people to assist.  When I told my husband what they had said he couldn’t believe it.  he had to go back and ask them for himself.  He told them this “Look, I am a guy, I don’t care about cupcakes, I would never talk about cupcakes… to anyone.  But this was seriously the best fricken cupcake I’ve ever had. My wife told me you are closing your doors?  I can’t believe it…”

Seriously these organic cupcakes are so good, it’s making my husband and I crazy to think that these girls are closing.

You can contact Three Cheers Cupcakes by writing to ThreeCheersCupcakes@gmail.com and you can follow them on facebook here.  Maybe something magical will happen.


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*earth day*

To me, spring is when everything gets a second chance at a new beginning.  That is why I think it’s my favorite time of year, my fresh start at something that could have gotten dull over the winter.  This Earth day is extra special because it now involves my daughter Riley.  I plan on teaching her how to plant some flowers for the butterflies.

For myself, I have come up with a manageable list of things I will improve on to be more sustainable.

* take an organic vegetable gardening course so I can grow my own crops in the backyard {just started on Sunday}

*buy 1 or 2 cortland apple trees to enjoy in our yard

*air dry our laundry {started yesterday, so many socks!}

*hang some dried eucalyptus in the shower to freshen and clean the stuffy bathroom air

*stock both freezers so they are full {with ice if not food} to save on total energy needed to keep items cold

*stop buying paper napkins and be really conscience about using cloth instead

*bubble baths to be replaced with oatmeal, salt, tea or natural healing oil baths

These are all very easy to do on top of everything else that comes as second nature.  Plus our community is receiving brown bins for our compost this May so I am really excited about that.

In the meantime check out some of my favorite sustainable books; Ecoholic , Ecoholic Home , the Urban Homestead , and for the fashionista Style Naturally: The savvy shopping guide to sustainable fashion.

See you back here on Thursday for an update on how the Sangria night for wedding professionals went.

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