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For this week’s wedding Thursday I’d like to introduce you to Chantal Bennett and Joel Kimmel owners and designers of Papillon Press {illustrated letterpress invitations and stationary}.  I met this soon to be married couple at the Wed by Hand wedding show in February.  My husband and I had a table across from theirs and we couldn’t help but notice their custom woodworked sign hanging from their table.  When I had a moment to spare I went over to see what they actually did.  Man, their work was beautiful!  So authentic and crisp.  Joel told me that they will soon have some bamboo paper available, so I took one of their business cards.  I was in the need of updated business cards and I wanted to work with them.  Chantal and I came up with the idea of a business exchange, some of my jewellery for some custom business cards. As time was approaching an event that I needed some cards, I decided that maybe I should change the order to jewellery hang tags instead.  I located a company in Canada that makes seed paper that when planted grows wildflowers.  This was Papillon Press’s first time with seed paper and it’s now something that can be offered to clients as invitations, birth announcements etc.

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